epaCUBE Customers Gain a Pricing Platform and an Expert Partner

The distribution industry is constantly evolving, but one thing remains constant at epaCUBE: Our customers are at the heart of everything we do.

For over 20 years, we’ve used our industry experience to help distributors navigate the shifting distribution landscape and maintain and grow profit margins, even with inflation. We are keenly aware of the unique challenges distributors face each day. So, we built our suite of pricing optimization solutions specifically for them. 

Above all, we’re proud that our customers know they can count on us. We don’t just sell our system and walk away. We’re in it for the long haul because people drive distribution and building solid relationships fuels success.

A Pricing Platform and an Expert Partner

Making manual pricing changes in spreadsheets takes hours — and who has time for that?! That’s where making updates with digital pricing software comes in — it’s quick and way less painful. 

If adopting technology seems complicated — don’t worry. At epaCUBE, you’re not only getting a powerful pricing optimization platform, but you’re also gaining an expert partner.

Given our long distribution backgrounds, epaCUBE team members understand how challenges like customer churn, emotional pricing, and supply chain disruptions negatively impact a company’s bottom line. We bring all those insights to the table with a lasting partnership where our experts work with you while our pricing optimization system addresses the rest.

With a streamlined, digital pricing process, the epaCUBE team ultimately aims to relieve a distributor’s stress — not increase it.

“Up front distributors worry we’re going to add 10,000 things to their to-do list,” said Brian Friedle, VP of Sales at epaCUBE. “We’re going to take away your pain. Ultimately, there’s way more to gain than lose.”

Ongoing Support to Guide You to Success

epaCUBE proudly stands out from competitors with our ongoing support and commitment to our customers. From early planning meetings to system launch and beyond, we’re here to help guide you toward success.

“After the sale, we stay with them and actively engage and help them succeed,” said Friedle. The epaCUBE team meets with them weekly for three months and then monthly thereafter — offering as much support as is needed in between. 

Many distributors believe they need to have a dedicated pricing employee. Thankfully, you don’t with us. We know pricing optimization software is new for many companies, and we ensure our customers feel confident and comfortable with the system.

That’s why epaCUBE offers clients hands-on sessions, customer segmentation guidance, and regular progress check-ins. We also encourage customers to reach out with questions and schedule meetings to discuss complex issues.

“We will help coach and mentor [you] in situational experiences, too,” said epaCUBE Director of Customer Success, Donny Novak. 

Because we genuinely want customers to succeed, epaCUBE team members have even put together slide presentations for customers and attended clients’ executive pricing committee meetings to explain or recommend pricing strategies.

“I give counsel and… I’m thinking from a much broader picture,” he said. “They’re confined within their four walls, and they only know what’s going on in their four walls, whereas we’re exposed to many companies.”

When asked what they liked best about epaCUBE, one client ranked transparency first and added that they like how “we never leave them fully,” added Liz Bohdan, Marketing Director at epaCUBE. “Let’s say our customer is  having a pricing crisis. They know they can email or call us, and we’ll reach back out. We’re not just here for a paycheck. Building Relationship ROI is our number one priority.”

epaCUBE Delivers Transparency, Reliability, and Adaptability

Some software companies offer a hands-off pricing structure that takes client data in and spits out prices via an unknown algorithm. epaCUBE’s system uses a glass-box approach that analyzes a company’s historical sales data and segments customers into categories based on common characteristics. They can include:

  • Buying power
  • Profitability
  • Cost to serve
  • IndustryOther measurable attributes

The system also assigns customers grades and prices goods accordingly. In working through the process, you might discover that your “A” tier customer is really a “D” tier customer, and changing tiers can increase profit margins. We guide you through the segmentation process and are happy to answer any questions you may have along the way.

Overall, seeing logical reasoning behind a highly-visible, data-driven pricing structure helps the sales team and customers understand where the prices are coming from. It also helps them trust that the numbers are reliable. The system leaves room for growth, too. Sales team members can use the data to explain customers’ needs to move into a different price level.

The distribution industry can be inconsistent and costs rapidly change. Thankfully, epaCUBE’s flexible pricing optimization system easily adapts. If you need to make fast price changes to factor in cost changes and protect profit margins, you can. Or, if you need to override a price in a unique situation, you can do that, too.

Creating Relationship ROI

epaCUBE pricing optimization software has helped companies achieve 10X, 20X, and even 30X returns. We are thrilled to see customers get these kinds of results. Overall, building relationships to reach those milestones is even more special. At epaCUBE, it’s not just about generating monetary ROI. It’s about building trust and creating lasting relationship ROI.

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