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Maximize your profits with epaCUBE Profit Optimizer

Say goodbye to the days of manually managing prices through spreadsheets. epaCube Profit Optimizer offers a modern solution that allows you to manage all your prices in one place.

Enhance Your Profits with Price Optimization

Whether you have a few or hundreds of products, our software enables you to set competitive prices that optimize your profits quickly and easily. With our Profit Optimizer you can save hours of time and effort, focusing on other essential aspects of your business! Ditch those archaic spreadsheets and let us help you take your pricing strategy to the next level.

Boost your margins by 2-4%.

Streamline your pricing management by consolidating all your prices into a single platform rather than relying on those cumbersome spreadsheets.

Establish the foundation of your pricing strategy.
Our benchmark is to provide customers like you with a 10x ROI, proving that epaCUBE Profit Optimizer pays for itself.
Our pricing optimization software, with its industry-leading product and customer segmentation, offers embedded best practices and push-button statistical analysis.
By segmenting your customers based on similar profitability, buying power, and cost to serve characteristics, you can automatically calculate gross profit opportunities. Our software analyzes your sales history to create statistical floor, ceiling, and target prices, allowing you to adjust entire product lines in just minutes. With historical pricing data uploaded, pricing metrics are done in minutes, freeing up valuable time for your team.

How Does the Profit Optimizer Work?

We provide comprehensive support and guidance at each stage of the process to ensure your success with easy steps to follow:


Input your historical pricing data


Segment customers based on profitability, buying power, and cost to serve


Initiate your pricing plan


Measure your results

The epaCUBE Contract Manager integrates smoothly with the Price Optimizer, allowing you to easily monitor all your contracts after optimizing your pricing.

Our solutions are exclusively designed and Built BY Distributors FOR Distributors, making integration with established ERP and/or CRM systems seamless. Unlike big software solutions, our products are tailored to fit the unique distribution business model. We don’t use any secret “black box” pricing methods; rather, our solutions provide access to best practices to enhance your business operations.

ROI Calculator

We understand that making informed decisions about investments is crucial for your business. This interactive tool is designed to help you assess the potential return on investment for implementing our product or service.

Ditch Your Spreadsheets and Increase Profitability with epaCUBE’s Pricing Optimization Software

Managing your pricing has never been easier or more profitable. Schedule a demo and work with our B2B Distribution Pricing Experts to implement a solution that works for your business.